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Hard Rock Stadium | Miami Dolphins | Miami Open | Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

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8/2019 - Present

Miami, FL

As a Digital Architect at Hard Rock Stadium, I support our Marketing, Digital, and IT teams at the operational level, in addition to acting as a subject matter expert around mobile apps, websites (primarily front-end), email, digital legal compliance, and digital tools for the broader organization. This role includes a wide range of responsibilities, but is best summarized as follows:

Business Processes

Technology empowers business leaders to execute on their visions. Supporting this journey through education and guidance of technical capabilities has a wide-reaching impact when successful: more reliable software architectures, greater alignment across teams, efficient automation, as well as better customer, client, and employee experiences.

Technical Capabilities

Digital leaders must continually forge paths forward across varied environments, supporting cross-functional concerns to improve, replace, and create the different technologies that underpin modern business. The lines blur between Marketing and IT when it comes to operation and maintenance of new tech, but this unique position allows for defining business pain points to articulate use cases and justify funding necessary to upgrade the technical environment.

Culture Shifts

Executive leadership sets out to establish a positive and engaging culture. Creating an environment for new technology means continually trying new ideas, new platforms, and facing the fear of potential failures, misses, and the unknown. Supporting an innovative culture for new technologies requires a collaborative workplace and the drive towards continuous upskilling or education. New technology is not just about the tech – people matter.


Web Development Manager

AmericasMart Atlanta | International Market Centers

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9/2017 - 8/2019

Atlanta, GA

As a Web Development Manager in the Digital Marketing department of AmericasMart, I built on many of the elements present in my prior role as a Web Specialist. In addition to those functions, I also expanded with the following:


  • Managed new development and ongoing maintenance for 3 primary domains, which generated the following between them, over the course of one year (2018):
    • 17.4 million combined views
    • 9.7 million combined unique views
    • 386,000 goal funnel completions, with 121,000 primary goal completions
  • Multiple digital properties were migrated to consolidate tools, platforms, and specs required across projects. A WordPress.org website, a WordPress.com blog, and 2 custom-built websites were migrated to HubSpot.
  • Supported an additional 5 websites and 1 app in an advisory role.
  • Added new functionality via custom themes, widgets, and data automation for more customizable page templates.


  • Managed app development for 2 web apps, and coordinated changes between Technology and Marketing teams. Personally worked on UAT, UX/UI design, sending push notifications, in-app advertising, and launch landing pages. (AMC - 41k total, 17.2k subscribed, 11.3k active monthly | Apparel - 2.4k total, 1.3k subscribed, 616 active monthly) ~43,400 total, 18,500 subscribed, 11,900 active monthly


  • Implemented over 45 advertising campaigns on websites and apps, generating over $60,000 per year in sales.
  • Designed and developed new online advertising opportunities for the exhibitor sales team (from mockup through implementation) and supported the email team for email advertisements where needed with custom HTML email updates to support exhibitor template stability.
  • Google Ads
    • Oversaw the company Google Ads budget, a roughly $85,000 per year spend for 2 company's with 3 distinct brands, and worked with my direct report (Data Specialist) on implementation.
    • Coordinated with our Brand, Copywriting, and Creative teams for marketing strategy, grammatical syntax generation, and image/video assets.
    • Total impact from the 2017 - 2018 market cycle resulted in over:
      • 29.5 million impressions
      • 324,000 clicks
      • A CPC rate of $1.88


  • I oversaw 2 positions, a Data Specialist and a Web Coordinator, during my time as a Web Development Manager. SEM, SEO, data pulls, advertising, and website updates were the primary responsibilities for these positions.
  • As a snapshot, over 350 project tickets were closed in a 1-year period year between these 2 positions .
  • In addition to assisting them with their main duties, I also provided regular feedback, guided them on goal-setting and long-term planning, and created opportunities for them to practice presentations as well as other soft skills.

Achievements & Highlights:

On the Spot Award - 2018

Internal Promotion - 2017


Web Specialist

AmericasMart Atlanta

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11/2016 - 9/2017

Atlanta, GA

As a Web Specialist in the Digital Marketing department of AmericasMart, making website updates and maintaining our digital ecosystem were my primary purview. My duties and responsibilities often included:

  • Collaborated with the other marketing teams to develop and implement website improvements and updates.
  • Created and oversaw SEM campaigns.
  • Manage app push notifications, market pages, and API driven content for markets, exhibitors, and events for 16+ markets per year.
  • Identified and implemented short, medium, and long-term strategies for SEO in conjunction with my team and other departments for multiple digital properties.
  • Managed and worked directly with vendor and contractor partners, managed timelines and expectations, and set project guidelines.
  • Devised and implemented digital marketing strategies that increased exhibitor and buyer engagement, usage of platforms and tools, and subsequent participation in our markets.
  • Developed compelling, interactive, and engaging content for the AmericasMart digital platforms with content and creative departments.
  • Create actionable analytics and insight reports post market’s, and use this information to shape future marketing efforts.

Marketing Specialist

Accu-Tech Corporation

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4/2013 - 11/2016

Alpharetta, GA


  • Utilize the Adobe suite of programs to develop flyers, brochures, interactive presentations, training, advertisements, and other marketing materials.
  • Drive alignment between the marketing department and our manufacturer partners, to create campaigns and maintain an editorial calendar.
  • Research, learn, and implement tools for a wide variety of large scale projects, including PHP, Javascript, SQL, and Python.

Website & eCommerce

  • Develop and update online tools, resources, and page content for our sales teams, customers, and manufacturer partners.
  • Maintain and launch new initiatives for our ecommerce platform, to drive increased page views, sales, part number counts, and an overall great online shopping experience.
  • Coordinate with vendors to create or produce big data solutions for part loaders, reports, and general information requests.
  • Redesigned and implemented site-wide updates, themes, layouts, and structures for www.accu-tech.com and www.eaccu-tech.com


  • Develop, design, and implement national pre-sales and sales training classes.
  • Coordinate and create digital collateral for training events.
  • Organize logistics and supporting software for training and events.

Achievements & Highlights:

Accu-Tech President's Circle of Excellence - 2014

Internal Promotion - 2013


Freelance & Volunteer

Nate Johnson Designs

Nate Johnson Designs Logo

8/2012 - 3/2016

MD, GA, & VA

As a freelancer, I assisted small businesses with their marketing and website development needs. This ranged from graphic design and social media marketing to coding and print assets. For some clients, the scope of work even included computer hardware MAC work.

Although I was no stranger to meeting rooms, presentations, and training groups of people, learning to understand how each business owner communicated and learned was critical to the success of these projects. Articulating succinctly what I knew or what was needed at a given step was important to keep the projects on track, and both parties aligned to the end goals. Setting boundaries, establishing deadlines, and learning about the different types of project management, were all skills that I grew from in different ways as a freelancer.

The dozen or so projects I worked on during this entrepreneurial time were unique experiences, and I'm grateful for the different perspectives that working for myself allowed me to experience.


Will Call Agent

Accu-Tech Corporation

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6/2011 - 4/2013

Baltimore, MD

As a Will-Call Agent at Accu-Tech's Baltimore Branch, my responsibilities revolved around warehouse operations, managing inventory, and supporting the sales team. Some of these activities included:

  • Processing orders or inventory across shipping, receiving, stocking, and will call areas.
  • Utilizing both reach-fork and order-picker style forklifts to assemble, package, label, load, and unload orders.
  • Cross-trained to perform other roles within the warehouse, including auditing, LTL shipping/receiving, and cutting wire & cable.
  • Directed calls, information, and personnel to assist customers with technical specifications and coordinate large scale inventory transfers.
  • Providing feedback to the Facility Manager for insights on safety and efficiency improvements.


Accu-Tech Employee of the Month - June 2014

Accu-Tech Employee of the Month - February 2014




Tools, Software, & Languages

Working in a Digital space today means being able to learn quickly, adapting to the tools and languages at hand, and having a broad depth of knowledge for understanding the variety of issues you are aiming to solve for.










VS Code

Google Suite

MS Suite



Adobe Creative Suite

MS Power Platform

Project Management



Enterprise Architect


Amazon Web Services


Screaming Frog SEO Spider




Sublime Text





Visual Studio







Broadstreet Ads



Flip HTML5



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Certifications & Continuing Education

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals - Global Knowledge Certificate

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

March, 2020

Free Code Camp certificate

FreeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design

July 2019

HubSpot Inbound Certification

HubSpot InBound Certification

August 2018

February 2017

March 2016

July 2014

Google Ads Certification

Google AdWords Certification

January 2017

HubSpot Platform Certification

HubSpot Platform Certification

June 2014

Carroll County Community College Degree

Carroll County Community College

Wedminster, MD

Associate of Arts Degree, Fall 2012